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Hi and welcome to Heavenly Insight's message forum. This may look like a spiritually dark time, as we reach the End of Time, but the good news is- GOD is still working! He's giving HIS people visions and dreams, prophetic signs and miracle healing. We are given these for a reason- I believe it is to draw the lost to HIM and to encourage the struggling believer to hold on just a little bit longer- HELP is on its way. Below in our forum is a collection of dreams, visions, miracles and angel visitations. We'd love to hear about yours!

Saturday, February 17, 2018

We are in our Last Days here on this earth, and those who are believers in Jesus Christ, know that "The best is yet to come"!

In the summer of 2009 I struggled majorly with fear of the future, and was encouraged by the truths of  Perry Stone's ministry
As I dug into the Word of God, researching Rapture Scriptures and hearing the Voice of God,  I felt an incredible peace.

I would say maybe a week or so after, around August, I was given my very first Rapture dream and in 2010 I was given visions of the New Planet (New Earth mentioned in Revelations 20) and prophetic signs. Since then, God has laid healing/deliverance/marriage ministry on my heart, gently unfolding His plan and purpose.

I have always felt as if I didn't belong here on earth; there was a divine discontentment stirring within, longing for HOME, but not fully understanding why.

Coming to Christ in an old fashioned camp meeting at the age of seven, I began fully walking out my faith around 12 years of age.
Around this time, I had 3 NDE's (Near Death Experiences). I was electrocuted by an old radio, a fireball shooting out of the socket as I plugged it in, momentarily blacking out. One moment I'm in my body, the next I am flying along the ceiling, looking down at my body on the floor. I remember very clearly, the detail in my Mother's floral wallpaper border.
I felt fully myself, liberated, free as I dipped and soared across the room- I was having fun!
Just as quickly, I was back in my body, in pain, for a moment wondering what on earth had happened!

My second NDE was a car accident we had been in. We were crossing 3 lanes of traffic, an upcoming car ending up in our minivan's blind spot. I saw it coming at our side, right at me and again, blacked out. The impact was so strong while I was out, that the police had found my glasses in the middle of the street- We were shaken, but fine, the van totaled. You can bet the angels were surrounding us that day!

My third NDE was a calm, normal night. We had gone to sleep- no forecast of any storms, nothing to be concerned about. All of a sudden I was awakened by what sounded like a bomb-it shook our entire house! I remember screaming out in fear, feeling my way to my parent's room, unable to see! I was terrified that I was blind-it was horrible! As I was calmed down, we realized that my room, the bedroom wall right above my bed had been struck by lightning and the dust particles had fallen into my eyes (probably the force of the lightning too had temporarily blinded me)- There was a perfect bullet size hole that went thru the wall above my headboard leaning against an outside metal door and out the other side of the house. The lightning had also taken out only the AM channels on all of our radios- how weird is that?

With each NDE, I began receiving very detailed Heaven dreams, visions and signs. Moments forever embedded on my soul, that I can still remember to this day, which I share on the forum above. I feel Heaven so close, in a way I never had before- like I could reach out and touch our next world, just a whisper away.

When you experience God's super-natural, even once- it takes your soul to new heights. The world dims in comparison to the beauty and wonder given to you. Your soul remains in the Super-natural Realm, more than the earthly realm- I hope that makes sense, because that's the only way I can put what I've experienced into words.
I hope that you will research people who have experienced their own NDE's and marvel at God's goodness, Heavenly secrets and things that "No eye has seen, no ear has heard, no mind has conceived what God has prepared for those who love him" (1 Corinthians 2:9)

As I grew older, my dreams kept repeating themselves, becoming more frequent and more vivid. Pieces of my life began to fall into place like a spiritual puzzle- it all became crystal clear and I didn't just "believe" in my faith, God, Jesus, Holy Spirit, angels...I "knew"- There is a night and day difference between believing and knowing. With this new knowledge, my faith began to grow, many dreams began interpreting themselves, experiences in the night as a child began to make sense, things I'd dreamt at a very young age (being in this beyond-description gorgeous reef surrounded by color, Light and dazzling fish), but these dreams were in sequence, always picking up where they left off, many years later, over and over. Deep down, all my life, I knew they had to mean something, and they did (see forum-SupernaturalVisits)

We welcome your input and experiences. Everything from dreams and visions, angel encounters to miracles of healing...Please share them.
If you wish not to be identified, simply state Anonymous.

Our hopes are that this collection of "God's Heavenly Gifts"
will lift and encourage you as we look for "that blessed hope"

If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your Lord and Savior, yet your heart desires to be a part of the family of God, forever joined with Him, as the Bride of Christ,  simply pray~

Jesus, I know I am a sinner and you have paid a horrible but beautiful price for MY sins and I ask that you would forgive me and wash me clean. I ask you now into my heart, to cleanse and guide me. Fill me with Your Holy Spirit. I ask for wisdom and discernment to wear the armor of God [Galatians 6], to stay alert to the enemy's deception and hear Your Voice, in furthering Your Kingdom here on earth. Thank You for Your Blood that heals, delivers and transforms. As I wait to meet You in the sky, I will go about Your work. Help me to keep my eyes on You. In Jesus' Name- Amen
Please let us know if you have prayed that prayer so that we can believe with you and intercede for any needs in the days ahead. We pray that you will be blessed by Jesus' Love and kindness.